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Overview (3 unique variants | Up to Rs. 40 lakh | Tenure of up to 96 months)

Personal Loan

Rate of Interest stars from 7.50% to 8.50% P/A.

The Home Loan EMI Starts from Rs. 649/ Lakh* to 749/ Lakh* , Apply affordable home loan with us online

Repay your loan with the tenor up to 20 to 30 years

The majority of the Banks offer 5 years to 30 years depending on the customer's affordability 

Get your home loan sanctioned within 24 hour

To guarantee a problem-free encounter, Our loan gets disbursed soon after we get confirmation.

Financing up to Rs 5 crore*

One can benefit from stays uncapped for qualified candidates with a decent CIBIL record and consistent paying EMIs.

Avail maximum Top-up

At the time of transferring your existing home loan through us, you can benefit from a maximum top-up loan amount.

Nil part payment foreclosure charges

Floating rate home loans can be foreclosed or can make part payments  before the end of the tenor

Hassle free home loan processing

we endeavor to offer the ideal experience through handling and then some. Our qualification standards are basic and documentation necessities are insignificant

Repo linked lending rate

The Repo rate is the rate at which banks acquire momentary benefits from RBI.

Eligibility criteria and documents required

Anyone can apply for our personal loan online, as long as you meet five basic criteria mentioned below. If you meet all the eligibility criteria of our online personal loan, you will need a set of documents to complete your application process. With our online personal loan, you can get an instant approval for up to Rs. 40 lakh. Meet the easy personal loan eligibility parameters and complete your basic documentation to avail the money you need within 24 hours* of approval.

Documents required
  • KYC documents: Aadhaar/ passport/ voter’s ID/ driving license/ Letter of National Population Register/ NREGA job card

  • PAN card

  • Employee ID card

  • Salary slips of the last 3 months

  • Bank account statements of the previous 3 months

  • Utility bill of electricity and piped gas

Eligibility criteria
  • Nationality: Indian

  • Age: 21 years to 80 years*

  • Employed with: Public, private, or MNC

  • CIBIL score: 685 or higher

  • Monthly salary: Starting Rs. 25,001, based on the city you live in

*Higher age limit is applicable at the time of loan maturity.

Personal loan interest rates and applicable charges
Rate of interest

11% to 38% p.a.

Flexi Fee

Term Loan – Not applicable

Flexi variant - A fee will be deducted upfront from the loan amount

*All the Flexi charges above are inclusive of applicable taxes

*Loan amount includes approved loan amount, insurance premium, and VAS charges.

Bounce charges

In case of default of repayment instrument, Rs. 700 - Rs. 1,200 per bounce will be levied.

Pre-payment charges

Full Prepayment

Term Loan: Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) on the outstanding loan amount as on the date of full prepayment.

Flexi Term Loan (Flexi Dropline): Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the total withdrawable amount as per the repayment schedule as on the date of full prepayment.

Flexi Hybrid Loan: Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the total withdrawable amount as per the repayment schedule as of the date of full prepayment.


Term Loan: Up to 4.72% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the principal amount of the loan prepaid on the date of such part-prepayment.

Not Applicable for Flexi Term Loan (Flexi Dropline) and Flexi Hybrid.

*Foreclosure will be processed post clearance of first EMI

Penal interest

Delay in payment of monthly instalment shall attract penal interest at the rate of 42% per annum applicable on the monthly instalment outstanding, from the respective due date until the date of receipt of the monthly instalment. 

Stamp duty (as per respective state)

Payable as per state laws and deducted upfront from loan amount.

Mandate rejection charges

Rs. 450 per month from the first month of the due date for the mandate rejected by customer’s bank until the registration of new mandate.

Annual maintenance charges

Term Loan: Not applicable

Flexi Term Loan (Flexi Dropline): Up to 0.295% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the total withdrawable amount (as per the repayment schedule) on the date of levy of such charges.

Flexi Hybrid Loan: Up to 0.295% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of the total withdrawable amount during the initial tenure. Up to 0.295% (inclusive of applicable taxes) of total withdrawable amount during subsequent tenure.

Broken period interest / Pre-monthly Instalment interest

"Broken Period Interest/Pre-monthly Instalment interest" shall mean the amount of interest on Loan for the number of day(s) which is(are) charged in two scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Over and above the period of 30 days from the date of disbursement of the Loan:

Method of recovery of Broken Period Interest/Pre-monthly Instalment interest:

  • For Term Loan: Deduct from disbursement or added in first EMI, as applicable.

  • For Flexi Term Loan: Added to first instalment amount

  • For Hybrid Flexi Loan: Added to first instalment amount

Scenario 2: Less than period of 30 days from the date of disbursement of the Loan:

Interest on first instalment will be charged for actual number of days.

Switch fee

Up to 1.18% of the loan amount (inclusive of applicable taxes).

Switch fee is applicable only in case of switch of loan. In switch cases, processing fees will not be applicable.

Note: Additional cess if any, will be applicable to all charges according to state law.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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